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You do not need to go to the bank, the bank will be with you all the time!


Radically different. By using Progressive Virtual Banking, you will be able to: make electronic transfers anywhere and at any time. Transfers between your accounts with the bank and with third parties at the bank. Review and print the movements in your deposit accounts. Make placements in fixed-term accounts. Request checkbooks, debit and credit cards. Consolidated and individual information of all the products that you have with the bank. Open additional accounts. Handle various notifications related to the use of your account.

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Who We Are

What we do

  • We design a bank with a single object; the total satisfaction of our clients. That is why everything we do is with a single purpose, to offer the best possible personalized service.
  • To achieve this we decided to combine experiences and trajectories to create a bank, different, simple and fast. In Optimates Bank everything is simple, we create a bank where we work for you. At Optimates Bank:
    • You don't have to call customer service, customer service calls you (and anywhere in the world).
    • You don't have to write checks if you don't want to, Optimates Bank writes and mails them for you.
    • You do not have to go to our office to add an additional signer to your account, we will go to you through Virtual Banking.
    • You don't have to worry about paying your credit card, we pay it automatically with a charge to your account.
    • You do not have to print your account statements and canceled checks, we save them for you, as well as the images of any check issued or deposit made.
    • You do not have to send your checks to our offices for deposit, we digitally capture them remotely, thus preventing your deposits from traveling, offering absolute security and comfort.
  • We want you to see banking in a different way, your satisfaction is our reason for being, that is why we offer you our Virtual Banking, your online bank with all bank services in one "click" to see your account, your movements, make transfers and payments of services in an easy, safe and efficient way, and much more.

"We are the new bank, designed for the new financial realities"

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